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Nation of Christians

by Paul R Dienstberger
Copyright 2000 Paul R. Dienstberger


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"As a former history teacher, I found the content to be both stimulating and informative. I believe the content of the CD would be very beneficial for Christian school teachers across the US."

Steven C. Babbitt, Director Publishing Services. ACSI - Association of Christian Schools International. Colorado Springs, CO

"A powerful, shaping influence in most phases of American life and culture, is Christianity as it is documented in this comprehensive survey of work covering some four hundred years. One gets the feeling that the one-in-the-world type of society that is America may well have been forged out of the cross-blending of the various Christian strains which was uniquely American, and that a Divine "partiality" was revealing himself with frequency. A must reading for those who would take full measure of Christian influence in American life."

Robert E. Miller, retired minister after a ministry in Methodist and Congregational Churches, living at the united Methodist Retirement Village, Quincy, Pennsylvania.



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